A high-tech textile ecosystem

AFFOA is revolutionizing the textile industry by transforming traditional textiles into sophisticated devices and systems, enabling novel products that use fabrics as a service.


Revitalizing US Textile Manufacturing

AFFOA’s mission is to rekindle the domestic textiles industry by leading a nationwide enterprise for advanced fiber & fabric technology development and manufacturing, enabling revolutionary system capabilities for national security and commercial markets.

Why Textiles

The Textile Industry

Universal Presence

From ropes, to composites to everyday clothing, textiles are ubiquitous. Their versatility enables them to be solutions to the wide range of problems we face day to day

Produced at Scale

Manufacturing textiles is an established industry. With generations of expertise, textiles can be easily produced to meet the given need

Technology Insertion

Textiles provide untapped real estate potential for additional capabilities and services that have previously been restricted to just hardware and wearables


AFFOA’s Ecosystem

AFFOA’s impact is amplified by our advanced fabrics ecosystem, which is enabled by collaborations across academia, industry and government partners.

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  • Internal breakthrough technology; System integrator; Technology transfer partner; Supply chain builder
  • Broad range of domestic manufacturing capabilities;
  • Partners for technology transition and workforce training
  • New business models and use cases;
  • Agile commercialization of dual-use products
Fabric Discovery Centers (FDCs)
  • Regional hubs for technology innovation, maturation and education and workforce development.
  • New technologies;
  • Education and workforce development hubs
  • Applications, consumer insights and product needs
Government Sponsors
  • Applications and product needs
  • Amplify message to broader communities;
  • Education and workforce development partners
Other Manufacturing Institutes
  • Complementary technologies and manufacturing ecosystems for broader impact
AFFOA is transforming the textile industry from traditional fibers, yarns, and fabrics to highly sophisticated devices and systems. In order to build a sustainable, high-tech ecosystem. AFFOA will continue to:

Build an Ecosystem

Build a manufacturing ecosystem for advanced textile products through our Fabric Innovation Network (membership network) made up of universities, startups, manufacturers and industry partners


Develop Solutions

Work with the Fabric Innovation Network to develop system-level solutions to solve hard problems for defense and commercial needs


Create Textile Workforce

Create the next generation textile workforce by inspiring, educating, and training students and workers for the advanced textiles industry


Address Grand Challenges

Address challenges that prevent the volume manufacturing of innovative fibers and fabric products for domestic production


Rapidly Prototype

Facilitate rapid prototyping and pilot production of advanced fiber and fabric products


Agile Contract Vehicle

Provide agile and rapid contracting for prototyping through Technology Investment Agreement (TIA)


Transition Technology

Foster technology transitions leveraging ecosystem capabilities to increase manufacturability