Manufacturing USA

Manufacturing USA is an initiative focused on coordinating public and private investment in emerging advanced manufacturing technologies. Manufacturing USA’s network is made up of government agencies and their sponsored Manufacturing Innovation Institutes (MIIs) that bring together industry, academia, and government partners to leverage resources, collaborate and co-invest in the advancement of commercialized manufacturing. This network creates a competitive, effective, and sustainable research-to-manufacturing infrastructure for industry and academia in the U.S. 

AFFOA is one of nine institutes sponsored by the Department of Defense. By driving collaborative applied research and development (R&D) activity, AFFOA delivers high-value advanced processing and fabrication technologies for the warfighter and nation.

The Department of Commerce and the Department of Energy collectively sponsor an additional seven institutes. All 16 institutes accelerate U.S. advanced manufacturing by catalyzing the development of new technologies, educational competencies, production processes, and products via shared contributions from the public and private sectors and academia. 

While the institutes carry a particular regional focus, the network is truly national, aiming to foster innovation and deliver new capabilities that will stimulate the U.S. manufacturing sector on a larger scale.

To learn more, visit the Manufacturing USA website.