Our team at Headquarters is made up of 35 talented scientists, engineers, and designers, with world-class expertise spanning from fiber and textile manufacturing to systems analysis, and product integration. Multiple members of our staff have over 10 years of experience in the rapidly evolving field of multi-material fiber device manufacturing and scale-up. It is our core belief that a multi-disciplinary team is key to driving innovation in advanced textiles. 



Sasha Stolyarov

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Farrington

Chief Strategy Officer

Natasha Spackey

VP New Business Development & Partnerships

Richard Salvage

Vice President of Finance

Michael Rein

Director of Engineering

Melissa Wye

Director of Business Operations

Jennifer McCabe

General Counsel

Board of Directors

Sasha Stolyarov



General Paul Kern

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Cohen Group

Dr. Joyce Brown


Fashion Institute of Technology

Norman Chapman

President and Chief Executive Officer

Inman Mills

John Fry


Drexel University

Charlie Howland

President and Chief Engineer

Warwick Mills

Carolyn Kirk

Executive Director

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

Brad Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Homology Medicines, Inc.

Ira Moskowitz

Chief Executive Officer

Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM)

Eric Spackey

Chief Executive Officer

Bluewater Defense

Dave Wheeler

Chief Operating Officer

New Balance



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stakeholders Council

Tracy Frost

Director of Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program

Office of the Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense

Stephen Lucowski

Office of the Secretary of Defense, Manufacturing Innovation Institutes (MII) Program Manager

US Army DEVCOM Armaments Center

Jeffrey Pacuska

Program Manager for Future Technology Integration

US Army DEVCOM Soldier Center