SeamLS - The Advanced Functional Fabrics Digital Curriculum

Introducing the possibilities of Advanced Functional Fabrics

Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) aims to inspire, prepare, and grow future engineers and advanced textile innovators. Our SeamLS (science, engineering, and advanced materials learning solutions) curriculum immerses students in an advanced textiles environment, including engineering design, electronics, and manufacturing.

STEAM Ready for Educators

SeamLS and learning materials are easily available online and can be adapted to various high school STEAM programs and classroom settings. It has been designed for educators to learn first, with each lesson containing an overview, step-by-step lesson plans, accompanying PowerPoint slides, videos, printable handouts, and links to suggested materials that support hands-on learning. The curriculum materials are flexible and can be integrated into existing curricula in part or whole! Use it to host a hackathon, design challenge, or problem-solve with a case study. 

We are working to spark innovation and modernize the textile industry by integrating traditional fabrics with advanced fibers and sensors to create the smart technology of today!

Why is this important? 

The SeamLS curriculum sits at the intersection of textiles/fashion and functional technology, two high-interest areas for students.  The goal is to inspire the next generation of engineers and innovators by creating a hands-on educational experience that exposes high school students to the engineering and design process to create a prototype using advanced fabrics.   

SeamLS Curriculum has 8 Digital Units with Comprehensive Lesson Plans


Check Out Sample Lessons & Activities From Engineering Design With Prototyping

In this sample, you’ll find:

Lesson Plans 

  • Introduction to Engineering Design with Prototyping 
  • Engineering Design (ED) Lesson 1:  Introduction to Advanced Functional Fabrics 
  • Engineering Design (ED) Lesson 2:  Research & Product Design 
  • Engineering Design with Prototyping (EDP) Lesson 11:  Idea Development and Prototype Planning 
  • Engineering Design with Prototyping (EDP) Lesson 12:  Introduction to E-Sewing 

Sample Advanced Fabric Products 

  • Adaptive Heating technology helps keep your hands at an optimal temperature range for maximum hand movement.

Activities:  Video Walkthroughs 

  • Part 1:  Designing the Circuit 
  • Part 2:  Coding the Prototype 
  • Part 3:  Stitching & Finishing 

E-Sewing for Beginners 

  • Why SparkFun LilyPad electronics? 
  • Directions for Beginner E-Sewing Project 

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Makers of a Better Future

In an effort to promote Advanced Manufacturing pathways, MassBridge partnered with several Manufacturing Innovation Institutes spanning different industries, including with AFFOA, to release lessons and career pathway information for many of the most exciting advanced manufacturing pathways.

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