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August 8, 2017 Webinar on E-Textile Standards Development

August 1, 2017

AFFOA Members are invited to join us for an informational online webinar regarding e-textile standards development on August 8, from 3pm-4pm EDT.

This webinar will be led by the IPC and provide a review of this new standard, information on IPC’s standards development process and how AFFOA members can participate in the development of IPC-4931. The following speakers will be featured on the webinar: Stephanie Rodgers, Apex Mills, IPC D-72 co-chair, Diana Wyman, American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, and IPC D-72 co-chair Chris Jorgensen, IPC D-72 staff liaison.

About IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries & IPC-4931:
IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries, a developer of international standards for the electronics industry, recently approved the formation of a technical committee to respond to industry needs for standards for the e-textiles community. The IPC D-70 E-Textiles Committee strategizes, plans, guides and coordinates the development of standards and education for e-textiles.

The committee’s first activity was the formation of a subcommittee to develop a new standard for e-textiles materials, IPC-4931, Requirements for Electronic Textiles (E-Textiles), Conductive Fibers and Conductive Yarns. This standard will establish the classification system, qualification and quality conformance requirements and electrical/electronic performance requirements for electronically-integrated textiles (e-textiles). It will also cover similar requirements and performance variables for conductive fibers and conductive yarns, which are essential components of e-textiles.

Please reach out to your organization’s AFFOA Point of Contact for registration details.