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IPC E-Textiles 2019 Call for Participation

January 17, 2019

IPC Issues Call for Participation for IPC E-TEXTILES 2019

IPC invites innovators, technologists, materials suppliers, electrical engineers and academicians to submit technical conference abstracts and educational course proposals for IPC E-TEXTILES 2019 to be held on Wednesday, September 11 in Philadelphia, Pa.

The second IPC conference for the e-textiles industry, IPC E-TEXTILES 2019 will provide a platform for presenters and their companies to promote their expertise in e-textiles to key electrical engineers, fashion designers, health and medical suppliers, and managers from automotive and military/aerospace.

Expert technical papers and presentations are being sought in the following areas:

  • Reliability
  • Test Methods
  • Connectors
  • Design
  • Innovations in Materials
  • Mass Production
  • Washability
  • Market-Specific E-Textiles Technologies (Automotive, Military, Consumer Wearables, etc.)

An approximate 300-word technical conference abstract summarizing original and previously unpublished work covering case histories, research and discoveries must be submitted. The submission should describe significant results from experiments and case studies, emphasize new techniques, discuss trends of interest and contain appropriate technical test results.

In addition, course proposals are solicited from individuals interested in presenting half-day (three-hour) professional development courses on e-textiles design, manufacturing processes and materials.

Technical conference paper abstracts and course proposals are due April 10, 2019. To submit an abstract or course proposal, email Chris Jorgensen IPC’s director of technology transfer.