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NextFlex Workshop: Mechanical Test Methods for Flexible Electronics

November 13, 2018

Come and Join us on November 29th, 2018 at 1:30pm at UMass Lowell, Saab ETIC for a NextFlex workshop on mechanical test methods for FHE components and devices.

The objective of the workshop is to summarize results and disseminate knowledge and awareness across the flexible hybrid electronics industry. The purpose of the workshop is to:
1) Present the results of NextFlex funded projects on the mechanical test methods of FHE components and devices, a topic specifically addressed in NextFlex second solicitation – Four academic teams will present their approach.
2) Raise awareness of the capabilities and infrastructure developed in this project so that the local, regional and national community takes advantage of it
3) Discuss industrial needs not covered by the developed tests to steer future research efforts in FHE-relevant directions.

This is a free event.