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M2I2 Equipment Funding Opportunity

M2I2 Equipment Funding Opportunity

AFFOA is issuing a solicitation in collaboration with the Massachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative (M2I2) to provide manufacturing equipment grants to Massachusetts-based AFFOA member businesses, and manufacturers. Through this grant, AFFOA is looking to help MA-based manufacturers, start-ups, and businesses scale-up their equipment needs to achieve domestic, manufacturing scale.   

The targets for this equipment call are companies looking to ramp up production capability for advanced fiber, fabric, and/or textile products in Manufacturing Readiness Levels 4-7. High-tech, traditional, or start-up manufacturing firms with capabilities in manufacturing technology for fiber, fabric, or textile-related products or prototypes are therefore encouraged to apply.  

We will be holding an informational webinar on Monday, August 16th from 1PM-2PM EST to brief interested parties. This webinar will feature a presentation on the M2I2 program by Farhad Vazehgoo, Acting Director of Advanced Manufacturing Programs, as well as more information on the funding opportunity. 

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  • Request for Consultation:  Interested members are encouraged to seek a consultation prior to application submission. 

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Response Deadline: 08.26.2021

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