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Small Business Innovation Summit Pitch Session

July 5, 2019

Small Business Innovation Summit Pitch Session

The Department of Defense (DOD) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP), will be hosting an event at its Small Business Innovation Summit showcasing top teams from across the country that have high potential to accelerate delivery of new fabric technologies with dual-use purposes. Below are the parameters around which submissions will be considered:

  1. Production of a fabric system capable of generating, storing and/or supplying power to relevant, modern electronic systems. Submissions should demonstrate useful charge/discharge rates and safe power cycles generation. Of interest are working prototype fabric-based systems, or systems that can be integrated with fabric-based-devices that can generate energy with requisite electrical connections to supply power to a representative device. Also of interest are fabric systems that store energy and are incorporated into the fabric system itself. Systems should interface with existing electronic devices and provide power outputs suitable for the application they were designed. Fabric systems that can charge devices wirelessly regardless of specific area of contact through inductance or other means are of particular interest.
  2. Opportunities for active fabrics to improve training, enhance medical triage, sense and respond environmental factors, and provide care to victims. This focus area seeks a fabric system that can monitor and report physiological and performance status. Measurements of interest include hydration level, blood oxygenation, core body temperature, heart rate variability, energy expenditure, hypothermia or shock measurements in fabric systems or other as defined.
  3. Compact multi-modal seeker technologies in form factors, having robust performance attributes in environmental extremes. Compact technologies for precision aiding sensing or navigation. Secure high-speed data link protocols to support transmission over long ranges.

The Small Business Innovation Summit will take place in Austin, TX from August 19-22. Selected participants will present short pitches demonstrating the potential of ventures working at the intersection of national security and scalable commercial opportunities. Startup finalists selected to present at the event will have the opportunity to address high impact investors, defense and security industry representatives, and government leaders and become eligible for future DOD-sponsored opportunities.

Event Program

The 2-hour event will include a pitch showcase will feature six or more selected teams with high potential to convert their solutions into dual-use ventures. For the remaining time selected teams may participate through a set of learning sessions on defense programs and how to do business with the DOD. Additionally, selected participants may have set up booth space in the technology showcase and participate in the industry matchmaking sessions.


Teams must be United States based ventures. Teams should submit an application by July 31 that details the problem the team is solving, the team’s background and the approach they are taking. Finalist selections will be announced on Monday August 12th. Selected teams will have registration fees waived for up to 2 team members for the Innovation Summit.

Selection Criteria to Include

  • Potential to address scalable commercial markets
  • Potential impact an important national security problem
  • Level of technical innovation
  • Strength and experience of team
  • Readiness to test or demonstrate product/market fit

Submission Slide Deck to Address (not to exceed 10 slides):

  • Team Name and Team Members
  • Your Revised/Refined Problem Statement
  • Describe the solution you are testing
  • Your Revised/Refined Problem Statement
  • Describe the solution you are testing
  • Whether you have traction with a problem sponsor and/or a DoD Customer?
  • Whether you have considered and investigated the commercial market opportunities for evolving your solution into a dual-use venture
  • If you were awarded $50,000.00, how would you use it to advance your new venture? 

Key Dates

05 July: Applications begin

31 July: Submissions due (submit proposals to

12 August: Finalists announced

20-21 August: Event in Austin